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    Tel/Fax: 030-293 9050

    030-276 33 54

    Mobile: 020-536 7640



    Location: On The Premises of Ghana International Trade Fair, La-Ghana, P.O.Box ds 255, Dansoman-Accra


Marigold Investment Ltd seeks to establish strategic relationships with specialized managers that have a unique competitive advantage in specific industries or geographies. By partnering with these managers, the Firm seeks to build premier investment platforms through strategic fund investments, direct investments, and opportunistic co-investments.

Marigold Investment Ltd’s investment process consists of the following:

1. Intensively researching and identifying attractive market segments that are poised to benefit from underlying global macro trends.

2. Identifying and partnering with the "best of breed” operators by creating platforms within these market segments.

3. Shaping these platforms alongside the Firm’s partners and capitalizing on direct investments.

Marigold Investment Ltd believes that successful investing involves prudent timing and leverage, creative deal structuring, and sourcing the right companies operating in attractive industry subsectors. The Firm’s platforms are constructed with these themes in mind, in order to achieve success in both difficult and strong market environments.